Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The WAMM Master Chronosonic is limited to only 70 Pair.
If your loudspeakers came with casters, and still have them installed to the bottom of the enclosure, you can safely roll your loudspeakers from one location to the next.

If your loudspeakers are spiked on carpet, the official WA Sliders are a wonderful tool aiding you in this task. The Sliders work even if your loudspeakers are installed on wood floors. Each set of Sliders comes with soft covers that will assist in safely sliding your loudspeakers across hard surfaces.

Here is a link to casters that can be used with most Wilson Audio loudspeakers:  (excluding: Duette, TuneTot, Alida, and some heirloom products.)
Use two strong people, one to stabilize the loudspeaker as it’s tilted to the side and the other to remove the casters before installing the spike assembly. NOTE: Wilson Audio’s Flat Jack is also available for purchase on our official WA store page to assist with this process:
Wilson Audio offers three options for choosing paint colors and your Dealer has samples available to see. For
Standard colors there is no additional cost. There is a selection of Upgrade colors to choose from for a small additional fee. Wilson Audio’s Custom Paint-to-Match program is world class and we will match any color you want for your loudspeaker. We also store the color you create here at the factory so if you need any touch-up paint in the future we have the exact match available for you. There is an additional fee for this unique process. By working with your Authorized Wilson Audio Dealer you will see all the options and get the perfect color for your new Wilson Audio loudspeakers. Contact your Wilson Audio Dealer for further details.
NOTE: Custom finishes excluded with Sabrina and TuneTot.
All new Wilson Audio loudspeakers sold from an Authorized Wilson Audio Dealer includes in the purchase price professional installation of that product. You can sit back and watch as your system evolves. If you purchased your Wilson Audio loudspeakers from another source, you can watch our official Wilson Audio Setup Procedure (W.A.S.P.) video to gain some valuable insights on how to get the best sound from your system.
Ideally you would have your Authorized Wilson Audio Dealer help you with this process. They are equipped with all the tools and know how to do this safely and efficiently. You will need at least 2 strong people to do this safely. If you have the original crates your loudspeakers were shipped to you in, using these is ideal. If your loudspeakers were shipped with casters reinstall them and store the spikes for future use. Wrap your loudspeakers in soft blankets before putting the loudspeakers back in their crates to protect the paint. Use plenty of moving blankets to aid in protecting the loudspeakers and space around the crates, carefully move the crates to and into the vehicle you are using to transport your loudspeakers in. Take each step in this process slow and methodically and you will be successful in moving your loudspeakers to their new home. 

You can find crates, tool kits, casters, and many other items that will help in our on-line store:
Suggested tools: Gloves, blankets to wrap the loudspeaker and protect the area around the crates in the vehicle, casters (if available for your loudspeaker), original crates, loudspeaker tool kit, dolly, carpet or blankets to protect any flooring between listening room and vehicle, large vehicle to accommodate all crates safely.
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