Sheryl Lee discussed with Dave the idea of re-configuring the WAMM Subwoofer into a lower-profile version. As the discussion progressed, Sheryl Lee offered the concept of the subwoofer as a large coffee or cocktail table. The idea gained traction and Dave immediately began design work. 

 It was inevitable, then, that Wilson Audio’s coffee-table subwoofer became the WHOW (pronounced “wow”) for Wilson High-Output Woofer.

The POW WHOW (Powered Wilson High-Output Woofer) includes a powered amplifier (200 Watt) that is attached in the compartment in place of the plate on the bottom of the WHOW.


Best Sound at Show


David Wilson: WAMM!! WATT?!? WHOW!!! (& the Puppies!)
Stereophile 06/17/2007

WHOW Series 1 Technical Specifications

Released: 1989   
Retired: 1991


1 - 18 inch


Frequency Response
15 Hz - 50 Hz (with GSB crossover)