Wilson's All-new Alexx

"Provenance"—in the art world refers to the place of origin or history of a particular piece of art. Provenance has special meaning to Wilson Audio, in this case in exploring Wilson's latest foray into the large speaker category. In this video, Dave and Daryl Wilson discussed the Alexx, its technologies and architecture. Together they examined Alexx's unique relationship both to the speakers that precede it, as well as to the WAMM, with which it was co-developed. Alexx was the fourth all-new loudspeaker from Wilson in as many years, and its inception, short of the WAMM, brought more technology and innovation and experience than any previous design from any company.

Time & Sound

Aspherical Propagation Delay describes the unique adjustability of Alexx’s modules to precisely align all the drivers in the time domain, in conjunction with the ability to optimize driver dispersion for literally hundreds of potential listening positions. With Alexx, the upper-midrange module features its own alignment block, which, in conjunction with the Alexia-style mid/ tweeter array below, provides unprecedented levels of time-domain accuracy.


The strategic advantage of developing Alexx alongside WAMM is perhaps best exemplified with new technology surrounding the all-important midrange. For the first time, two different midrange drivers are spec’d in the MTM array, each optimized to cover a specific portion of the midrange. Wilson’s venerable seven-inch unit, first introduced in the Alexandria Series 2, covers the lower midrange.

Enclosure Materials

Wilson’s proprietary X-material, now in its third generation, is the ideal “launch pad” for woofers and tweeters. S-material has been optimized for the unique demands of the critical midrange.

Color Options


Galaxy Gray

GT Silver




Obsidian Black


Diamond Black

Crimson Satin

Fly Yellow

Estoril Blue

Nara Bronze

Pur Sang Rouge

Cobalt Blue Satin


Classic Orange

Oak Green


Saffron Pearl

Bergamot Pearl

Cranberry Pearl

Olympia Pearl

Viola Pearl