MAXX Series-3


Since its introduction in 1998, the MAXX has proved a clear success by every measure—in units sold, in glowing reviews, and in the degree to which it has become the reference for many of those leading reviewers.


Like all Wilson loudspeakers, the MAXX Series 3 is technologically cutting-edge, and yet honors its formidable lineage; it is the skillful admixture of art and science, passion and discipline, knowledge and emotion. Ultimately, the MAXX Series 3 is an expression of Dave Wilson’s original vision: To design and build products he would want to own. He built a company culture around this ideal. We know that in order to be true to those who would buy our products, we first must be true to ourselves.

This is largely what we mean by Authentic Excellence ™.

But Wilson Audio’s commitment to authenticity does not end there. We believe that any product’s price should be an accurate reflection of its content. We believe that excellence is found in the details—design facets an owner of a Wilson loudspeaker may never see, or even know about. And perhaps most importantly, we believe a Wilson loudspeaker should transcend mere function by bringing joy and beauty into the life of its owner.



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