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Alexandria XLF port Cover

The Cross Load Firing Port System

It.s easy to achieve flat frequency response in an anechoic chamber. But, in the real world, the sound of loudspeakers is highly dependent on the room they're in. Room-induced bass nonlinearities are a problem that has generated lots of solutions. One of the most common is active equalization, often processed in the digital domain. The downside is that insertion of an electronic equalizer into the audio signal produces deleterious audible effects in the rest of the frequency spectrum.

Wilson has always taken a purist approach to bass management, focusing on designs that inherently sound right in a wide range of rooms. Critical room placement by trained salespeople and installers has proved to be the most successful and efficient way to overcome most room-induced colorations.

In most rooms.

With over 500 Alexandrias in use around the world, Dave observed that there were certain kinds of rooms in which the Alexandria X-2 could sound lean in the deep bass. This was often apparent in rooms with a lot of glass, and where the desired listening position was close to the center of the room.where a natural null zone exists for low frequency sound waves.

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Dave conceived of the Cross Load Firing Port as an effective remedy for this room artifact. An elegantly simple idea, the (patent pending) Cross Load system allows the user to choose either a front or rear firing port configuration.

On the front of the XLF, below the woofers, is a distinctive brushed aluminum plate with the Alexandria XLF logo. In rooms where the rear-firing option will tend to overload the bass, it is simply a matter of removing the front plate and port plug, switching those items to the rear, and attaching the low-turbulence trim to the front, moving the port exit to the front of the Alexandria XLF.