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Alexandria 2 Alexandria XLF

An Engineering Challenge

Although the new loudspeaker retains the unmistakable form and lines of Alexandria Series 2 (seen on the left), the architecture of the XLF (on the right) has evolved to support new technology.

The Cross Load Firing port system (XLF) dictated a larger bass enclosure. It is 14% larger than the Series 2. The increased volume enabled the engineers to carefully shape the XLF.s bass response to be even more linear and room-friendly.

Using the latest analysis technology, Wilson.s mechanical engineers reworked the woofer cabinet, thickening the enclosure walls and redesigning the internal bracing geometry. Cabinet contribution in the bass region is extremely low in the Alexandria X-2. The Alexandria XLF is even more inert.

Wilson has a long tradition of cross populating advancements from one design to the rest of the line. This sometimes means that a more expensive model benefits from technology introduced in a less expensive loudspeaker. First introduced in Wilson's venerable WATT/Puppy replacement, the Sasha W/P, S-material is a highly rigid, critically damped, epoxy-based composite. It was developed specifically for midrange beauty and ultra-low resonance. In combination with X-material, S-material reduces measurable and audible noise and coloration in the midrange.

Without question, Alexandria XLF is the most complex loudspeaker Wilson Audio has ever produced. According to mechanical engineer, Blake Schmutz, CNC milling the pieces for an XLF requires an entire week of eight hour shifts just to complete one channel.

But for Dave Wilson the idealist, size, weight, and manufacturing complexity are all of little consequence when the task at hand is to make a loudspeaker that outperforms the Series 2 Alexandria in every significant measure, and brings the listener an unmistakable step closer to the exhilaration of a live musical event.

Computer Screen Alexandria XLF: Idealism and Technology
Dave is an idealist, but he is also a disciplined empiricist. Dave the idealist insists that no detail is too small to be scrutinized. Dave the empiricist knows that it's all too easy to be seduced by the technological promise of a given part. See how these two defining characteristics played out in Wilson's new flagship loudspeaker.