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Wall Mount The new WATCH Wall Mount Speaker uses the Sophia Series 2 tweeter, already legendary for its precision and musicality. The Wall Mount Speaker also incorporates the anti-jitter crossover technology which underlies the astonishingly grain-free transparency and musicality of full-size Wilson loudspeakers.

Without enlarging the external dimensions of the enclosure, the internal volume of the WATCH Surround was increased by 50%. This means a loudspeaker with significantly greater dynamic range and almost another full octave of bass extension.

New materials in the mount improve the acoustic decoupling of the loudspeaker from the wall. The redesigned mount also affords a greater range of tilt and rotation, making optimal placement of the Wall Mount Speaker easier to achieve in your room.

Though designed primarily for surround sound, the Wall Mount Speaker's full range response and stunning dynamics makes it a serious front channel solution as well—particularly in smaller flat-screen-based home theater systems, or as an alternative to in-wall speaker installations, most of which are sonically compromised by comparison.

Finally, the cosmetics of the Wall Mount Speaker reflect the look of current Wilson products, featuring a recessed diffraction pad and a pin-mounted grille cloth. Like all Wilson loudspeakers, the WATCH Wall Mounts can be ordered in a nearly limitless choice of colors, so these sculptural beauties will integrate effortlessly with your room's decor.

WATCH: Wall Mount
The recessed diffraction pad and pin-mounted grille cloth gives the Wall Mount Speaker a sleek look
WATCH: Wall Mount
Surround Speakers can be ordered in an infinite variety of colors to match your room decor
WATCH: Wall Mount
The new mounting system provides a great range of tilt and rotation to facilitate a wide range of room placement configurations