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How do you make watching movies at home a more involving experience?

For most people, the intuitive starting point would be: picture size and quality. The rapidly evolving technologies of home video reproduction offer today's home theater owner a degree of visual realism unattainable even a few years ago.

Unfortunately, given the obvious bias toward the primacy of the visual (when was the last time anyone asked you: "heard any good movies lately?") it's all too common for the audio portion of the typical home theater to come up short.

Some interesting trials validate a counter-intuitive thesis: when viewers were asked to rate the impact of two different home theater systems—one with a larger, better quality screen, but with a middling sound system, and the second with a smaller screen but a state-of-the-art audio system—they invariably chose the latter system as the more emotionally involving. The result would hardly surprise people who make movies. Since the advent of the talkies, filmmakers have realized that music and sound effects carry a disproportionate weight of the emotion in a motion picture (try to imagine the chill quotient in your favorite scary movie with the sound turned off.)

The WATCH system [Wilson Audio Theater Comes Home] was born out of this recognition. Bringing home the emotional impact of live music through two-channel reproduction has been the organizing passion of Wilson Audio since it's inception more than three decades ago. Applying the same focus and expertise to multi-channel theater systems was simply the natural extension of that passion.

Introducing the second generation of WATCH components. Watching movies at home will never be the same.