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Thor's Hammer
As part of a home theater system, Thor's Hammer will bring low frequency sound effects to life in a way most moviegoers can only dream about. The fact is, it will achieve a level of dynamic speed and lack of distortion that far surpasses the best movie-house sound systems. The Wilson ideals of dynamic speed, clarity, and lack of distortion have long made our loudspeakers essential tools of the trade in Hollywood, where they've been used to record and mix the soundtracks of many of the industry's iconic movies.

Dual-spider drivers might sound like something from a creature movie, but it describes the long-throw driver technology developed for the WATCH Dog and now employed in its larger sibling.

Long-throw woofers allow Thor's Hammer to achieve its 10hz response in a relatively compact enclosure. But the longer the cone excursion, the greater its tendency to generate vectors of movement beyond the piston-like single plane, which is the theoretical ideal. These extraneous cone vectors produce distortion.

Thor's Hammer The dual-spider driver, which was first developed in a 12.5" design for the WATCH Dog, solves the issue by restricting woofer excursions to a single plane of motion.

Thor's Hammer uses two custom-designed 15" dual-spider drivers in a dual-ported cabinet. The resulting distortion measurements are of the order that one associates more with the finest quality amplifiers rather than with loudspeakers!

The cabinet itself is constructed primarily from Wilson Audio's proprietary X material, an extremely dense and hard composite that achieves the seemingly contradictory attributes of high rigidity and high damping. Reducing cabinet resonance to irrelevancy is the sine qua non of accurate and grain-free music reproduction.