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Sasha W/P

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Both the new midrange/tweeter module and the bass cabinet have greater volume than W/P 8.

The larger bass enclosure results in a 2Hz greater extension in the bass, and less congestion in the upper bass.

Increased volume in the upper module allows a new bracing architecture and sidewall construction for greater rigidity and lower resonance.

Sasha's upper module utilizes Wilson's newest proprietary cabinet material for its baffle, resulting in a lower noise floor and greater transparency in the critical midrange.

Sasha W/P in a living room setting

By removing the crossover from the upper module, less midrange energy is reflected through the midrange driver cone, again improving clarity and transparency.

Sasha incorporates both the 7" midrange driver and the tweeter from MAXX Series 3.

Sasha's woofers utilize a new motor/magnet assembly with more magnetic force for the same cone mass resulting in improved dynamics and acceleration in the bass region.

The crossover is housed in the bass module, with resistor access on a rear panel. Custom wiring, hand-built at Wilson, connects all the drivers.