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Sasha W/P Driver Sasha uses the identical midrange driver employed in the MAXX Series 3. That unit is a slightly simplified version of the all new driver developed as one of the core components of the Alexandria Series 2.

The creation of the newest Alexandria was spurred by a musical experience Dave Wilson had at Vienna's famed Musikverein Concert Hall. What began as an auditory epiphany—the realization that the unique and treasured sound of the Musikverein (which many consider the world's finest concert venue) was a product of the way early and late reflections combined with the direct sound from the stage—soon led to a quest to create a driver possessed of such speed and low distortion that it could reproduce the subtleties of sound Dave had heard in Vienna. A detailed account of that process can be found here.

To accomplish the task, Wilson Audio formed a strategic partnership with an independent driver manufacturer to co-design a brand new, proprietary midrange unit. Commenting on the sound of the new driver in the MAXX 3, Marc Mickelson wrote in "It is more lively and animated, more detailed, textured and expressive ...while never giving the impression that the frequency response, for instance, has been contoured or goosed. This wasn't a matter of output as much as input -- the ability to convey important musical information from recordings, once again differentiating them from each other."

Sasha W/P Tweeter
The midrange is not the only driver inherited from MAXX Series 3; Sasha also uses the MAXX tweeter, a unit designed for lack of grain and distortion, along with a wide bandwidth.

Sasha W/P Driver The redesign of Sasha's bass cabinet, which has greater internal volume than the old Puppy enclosure, called for new woofers as well. The dual 8 inch units feature a new magnet and motor assembly, which significantly increases the magnetic force relative to the cone mass, resulting in improved bass dynamics and acceleration.