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Since its introduction in 1998, the MAXX has proved a clear success by every measure—in units sold, in glowing reviews, and in the degree to which it has become the reference for many of those leading reviewers. (One writer said the MAXX Series 2 was "the most significant product I've written about in my eight years as an audio reviewer.") Perhaps MAXX's greatest measure of success is its use by top-tier electronics and cable manufacturers in their reference systems.

We realized that, as good as the Series 2 was, the existing platform stood in the way of further improvement. So we conceived an all-new design.

The primary objective was to further improve MAXX's time-domain performance. The Wilson design team split the single upper module into two discreet units and incorporated Aspherical Propagation Delay.

They added a slightly simplified version of the astonishing new midrange driver developed for Alexandria Series 2. Then, all-new crossovers were designed to capitalize on the performance of the new driver.

Alexandria 2 (in a room)Alexandria 2 (in a room)