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Alexandria 2 Crossover

It was inevitable that the lack of noise and distortion in the drivers would reveal the limitations of the crossover, so our anti-jitter technology has evolved to keep pace. The wider bandwidth of the midrange driver afforded not-wholly-unexpected benefits in the linearity of the bass, as those drivers were now relieved of some of their upper octave duties.

The new Alexandria raises the bar considerably for seamless integration of all the drivers through the new crossover designs.

Alexandria 2 Crossover

In all Wilson loudspeakers, the crossover assemblies themselves are wholly encased in epoxy, which serves two functions. One, it eliminates a possible source of electro-mechanical resonance, and two, it frankly preserves the proprietary nature of some of the technology which makes Wilson Audio crossovers unique in the audio world. Nevertheless, the crossover panels of the new Alexandria are a point of pride, and are now easily accessible and visible through a new removable glass panel.