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Every company has a culture. In most cases, a company's culture is the direct extension of the values and goals of its leader.

Dave Wilson has always been motivated by his insatiable curiosity, his love of good science, and his empirical open-mindedness. His simple desire is to build loudspeakers he himself would want to own. Dave has the self-confidence to believe his products will succeed in the marketplace, and the humility to recognize his is not the only valid approach.

Above all, he believes in teamwork—and so empowers a guild of craftsmen motivated by their personal stake in meaningful work, expertly done.

Dave Wilson

Introducing Alexandria XLF
Another Father & Son
The Drive
Master Painter
Sleeping on Sonex
Gel Coater
Alexandria XLF: Idealism and Technology
Dave is an idealist, but he is also a disciplined empiricist. Dave the idealist insists that no detail is too small to be scrutinized. Dave the empiricist knows that it's all too easy to be seduced by the technological promise of a given part. See how these two defining characteristics played out in Wilson's new flagship loudspeaker.