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X-1 Grand SLAMM
After an interregnum in a rented warehouse facility near the family's home in Novato, California, Dave and Sheryl decided to move the business in 1991 to Provo, Utah, where they had met in college. They constructed a 25,000 square foot factory in an industrial park just south of town.

The third loudspeaker in the Wilson portfolio appeared in 1993. The X-1 Grand SLAMM was born from the desire to package the no-holds-barred dynamic contrast and harmonic expression of the WAMM in a loudspeaker that dealers could set up—Dave had personally set up each WAMM sold. Even though the X-1 ceased active production in 2002 with the creation of the X-2 Alexandria, Wilson Audio continues to support its over 400 X-1 owners with a Level 5 upgrade introduced as recently as 2005.

An explosive expansion of the company's product line took place beginning in 1996 with the introduction of seven new products over the next six years, including the components of the WATCH home theatre system.

Two of the most important product launches of this period were MAXX and Sophia. In their Series 2 iterations (2005 and 2006, respectively), and now with MAXX Series 3 (2008) few loudspeakers are as universally praised by the audio press for groundbreaking performance in their respective price categories. Both MAXX and Sophia serve as the reference for several of the audio industry's most influential equipment reviewers, as well as reference tools for several leading electronics and wire companies.

Wilson Audio Office (external view) Wilson is a company conservative in business practice, radical in its culture of authentic excellence, and continuously relevant because of its deep focus on innovation and research. Our customer support continues to be the envy of the industry, with uninterrupted service of every product made during its three-decade history. In 2006, the Provo, Utah factory underwent a multi-million dollar expansion, increasing production space by over 60%, focusing on improving both the quality and efficiency of its manufacturing process. If you are contemplating owning a Wilson Audio product, we hope this website helps you understand our commitment to authenticity. As for understanding the end result of our efforts, we trust your ears to tell you that story.